MLB: Fanduel value hitter plays 5/5

You would be crazy not to start Max Scherzer tonight, so there are going to be a lot of small salary guys that have to fit in your lineup, so I’m going to focus on value plays here.

Freddy Galvis 2.2k 

Galvis has a pretty below average FP per plate appearance at only .41, but he’s moved up from the 8th spot to the two spot, which gives him way more expected runs and RBIs as well as plate appearances. He also is better against lefties although not significantly so, and facing a bad pitcher in Happ with one of the highest o/u’s of the night. Pretty solid play for 2.2k.

Juan Francisco 2.2k

Francisco is already undervalued with a FP/$ of .84, but he also gets the good side of his extreme split facing a bad righty Kyle Kendrick. He hasn’t moved from his usual spot in the lineup but the low salary and big split alone make him worth the punt.

Brandon Barnes and Drew Stubbs

Barnes and Stubbs get a nice move up in the lineup with a lot of Colorado injuries and good lefty splits against facing a pretty bad pitcher in Martin Perez at Coors Field.  Stubbs and Barnes are routinely at the bottom of the lineup so going up to the 1 and 2 spots respectively is huge. They basically have every single factor in their favor, so they are probably the best starts tonight in the OF.

Carl Crawford 

He obviously isn’t the player he once was but he’s batting 2nd in a very solid Dodgers lineup and last year he did OPS ~.800 against righties. He’s still a threat to steal bases and is a reasonable play at his price. But because he plays OF, is in a pitchers park, and against a solid pitcher I don’t love him.

Robinson Chirinos

If you’re looking to punt catcher Chirinos is your guy, he’s only $2,300 on FanDuel and is batting 6th in a great Rangers lineup in Coors Field.

Scooter Gennett

Gennett is cheap and batting 3rd against a mediocre righty. 2nd base is absolutely barren tonight so Gennett is a great option to save some money and still have some great upside.

Jose Reyes

Reyes isn’t great today but he does come in at salary undervalue with .82 FP/$. He gets the good side of his split and is in a high o/u game, so he’s probably worth a look tonight. He’s not nearly as good as the other plays though.

Hope these picks help you win tonight and good luck!

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