4/18 MLB Daily Fantasy: Clayton Kershaw or Max Scherzer on FanDuel?

Even though Max Scherzer is cheaper, here's why Clayton Kershaw is the clear choice tonight.

Several elite pitchers will take the hill tonight for Friday’s contests, but none are better than Clayton Kershaw or Max Scherzer. Who should you use in your lineup?

On FanDuel we always want to use the best pitcher. Price isn’t as much of a priority since the potential for pitchers are so great.

Therefore, even though Kershaw is $11,800 compared to Scherzer at $11,000, it isn’t enough of a factor to really consider.


What are the influences for our decision?

The most important things to look at are sportsbook lines (run projection), strikeout projection (also K/9) and a couple other factors having to do with the specifics of the lineup.

The Dodgers are -270 with an O/U of 6.5 while the Nationals are -250 with an O/U of 7. Minor difference here, but give the edge to Kershaw.

For strikeout projection, Kershaw is at 8 with the juice at even money for the over. Scherzer is at 7.5 with the over juice at +105. K/9 are about even. So, Kershaw gets the slight nod again.

What else? The Rockies and Phillies, the opponents of the Dodgers and Nationals respectively) are typically better against right-handers. This is because the majority of the hitters in the prime of the lineups are left-handed. Scherzer throws right-handed while Kershaw is the opposite. Advantage Kershaw.

Furthermore, seven of the nine batters for the Nationals tonight are right-handed, one is a switch hitter and one is left-handed. The Phillies are throwing a right-hander in Sean O’Sullivan. The Dodgers lineup isn’t out yet, but the bulk of the lineup are left-handers going against a right-hander in Kyle Kendrick. The Dodgers are projected to score more, and this is certainly one of the reasons why.

The last reason is only a possibility. There are showers expected for the beginning of the Nationals vs Phillies game. It’s supposed to be perfect weather for the Dodgers vs. Rockies. Since the Nationals game starts early, we should have a better idea around then if the rain is an actual threat. However, to purely eliminate the stress of a rain delay, Kershaw is perfectly safe.

So, as you can see, despite that both pitchers having terrific matchups, Kershaw is certainly the better choice.

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