MLB Daily Fantasy 4/28: Best Ballpark and Weather Situations

When people make their daily fantasy lineups, many focus on best value, righty vs lefty matchups, previous matchups, platoon splits, hitter signals and many other things. However, one thing that gets lost sometimes is how the weather and the ballpark the players are in can enhance their outcome.

We break down on our tools tab how the ball park factors play out for each team. It’s pretty simple on how to find a good situation. For example, the Cleveland Indians have the most favorable ballpark for left-handed hitters. Furthermore, all of the Indians starters, with the exception of the T.J. House occasionally, are right-handers. So, when you see a team like the Kansas City Royals go to Cleveland that has a lot of lefties, they have a better chance at performing well. Just to be clear though, the wind is blowing in, and the Indians are favored with Trevor Bauer on the hill today. So, this isn’t a great situation for Kansas City for today specifically.

While not all of the lineups are out as of now, we know who are the everyday players, and we know which guys usually make starts based on what handedness the pitcher is. So, that’ll help us figure out which teams to target as well.

Here are the best teams to keep an eye on for favorable situations today with ballparks and weather:

3. Cincinnati Reds – Great American Ballpark gives up the second-most HRs, and the wind is blowing out to right field at 10 MPH. Even though Great American is slightly more beneficial to right-handed hitters, it’s just a great hitters park all around. With right-hander Kyle Loshe on the hill, who has been massively struggling so far this year, the lefties of the Reds should have a particularly great day. This primarily includes Billy Hamilton, Joey Votto and Jay Bruce.

2. Arizona Diamondbacks – Even though Arizona is at home and will play in little-to-no wind, the fact that they will play in 86 degree weather is beneficial. We still have cooler temperatures at most ballparks, so the ball will fly particularly well at Chase Field in comparison to others tonight. The Diamondbacks are -115 with an O/U of 9 with Kyle Kendrick on the hill for Colorado. This isn’t exactly a bump for Arizona players, it’s just that they remain a great choice will several other games take a slight dip in production.

1. Seattle Mariners – The Mariners are at the Rangers today with Seattle as a -115 favorite and an O/U of 9. The wind is blowing at 12-17 MPH out to right field today, and the Ballpark at Arlington gives up the ninth most HRs. Texas also is the fifth-most friendly to left-handed hitters. Safeco Field is not as HR friendly as it yields the 18th-most HRs. While he is a lefty, with Ross Detwiler on the hill (10.55 ERA), the Seattle lefties should certainly get a boost today.

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