Millionaire Maker Strategy: 3 Players to Fade in Week 13

There’s something about fading a player everyone likes that makes me giddy. I admit, this probably has something to do with my terrible desire to feel smarter than everyone else. But luckily for me, this egotistical flaw actually helps quite a bit in GPPs. To maximize your chances of winning the Millionaire Maker, you have to make some bold moves, and a perfect way to make those moves is to fade players others will own heavily.

While it’s safe and easy to write and article that states, “Fade: Stefon Diggs vs Seattle this week.” It also doesn’t really get us anywhere. It actually makes me angry to think about, because there are actually articles every week that write about these obvious fades as if it’s helpful to tell us this. The goal of this article is not to play it safe, one of these plays could blow up in my face and I certainly run the risk of receiving angry twitter messages on Sunday night. But my hope is that by following this advice, you position yourself well to win the Millionaire Maker this week. Below are my three players to fade.


Jonathan Stewart ($5,300) – Stewart had the 2nd highest ownership out of any RB this week in FanDuel Thursday contests. The reason, I would guess, is all about the match-up, the Panthers are facing a pretty bad Saints D and are projected by Vegas to top 27 points. But just because the offense has a big projection doesn’t mean Stewart is going to be a big part of it. Stewart has only 4 TDs this season, and it’s not a fluke. Carolina uses both Cam Newton as a runner and Mike Tolbert 100 times more often in the Redzone than they run it with Stewart. On top of this, Stewart also is rarely used in the pass game. He’s averaging around 1 reception per game this season, something we can’t afford on DraftKings at our RB position.

Don’t get me wrong, Stewart is a fine play, but with so many strong RBs this week, he absolutely doesn’t deserve top 5 RB ownership. Players I like better off the top of my head: DeAngelo Williams, Shaun Draughn, Thomas Rawls, Adrian Peterson, David Johnson, Doug Martin, Darren McFadden, and Lesean Mccoy. And all of these guys have undeniably more upside than Stewart. Because of this, I’d rather pivot off of Stewart altogether and happily watch as he fails to score a TD.

Javorius Allen ($5,400) – This is another RB who has gotten lots of play this week because of the match-up, but his team has a horrible point projection and Allen actually isn’t playing as much as you might think. He got 61% of RB snaps last week, and I suspect that Terrance West, the biggest RB on the Ravens, will likely get the Redzone work over Allen. Allen is a good receiver, and should get some PPR points, but compared to the other options this week he’s absolutely sub-par and isn’t even in my top 15 for RBs.

Carolina D/ST ($3,500) – The Panthers D/ST will likely be the highest owned D/ST this week, and I just don’t believe their match-up warrants it. They’re facing a Saints offense that is actually projected to score 21+ points, is playing at home, and isn’t really sack or turnover prone. The Panthers have been hot recently on defense, but as we saw with the Chiefs D/ST that put up 5 points last week, having a hot D/ST doesn’t mean much in DFS. There are a ton of quality options at D/ST this week with upside, and I’d rather take my chances with them.

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