Max’s Picks for DraftKings Monday Dec 16th

With both the Lakers and Philadelphia playing tonight, my lineup is practically setting itself. There’s some low salary players with great match-ups and so using a couple of these guys will be essential to winning tonight.

Deron Williams $6200

Williams has been back for 3 games now averaging over 30 fantasy points a game in those contests. DraftKings salaries shrink when someone misses time, so Williams is already a bargain at $6200. Factor in an absolute dream match-up vs Philly, a team who allows a ton of fantasy points to guards and runs at blistering pace, and Williams is a must-start. I also like Williams’ upside as the go-to scorer on the team, he’s capable of getting 50+ fantasy points but I expect 35 here on average.

Al Horford $8100

We know Horford is capable of putting up a big game (he scored 60 fantasy points against Washington a couple of games ago) and he has an amazing matchup against LAL. Horford is the go to low-post scorer and rebounder on Atlanta which is exactly the type of guy you want to be playing when you’re picking someone vs the Lakers. While I don’t expect him to put up many 50+ fantasy games he is a very safe choice that is hard to pass up.

Trevor Booker $4700

Booker’s salary has finally moved to a more reasonable level but he’s still undervalued. NY has a small front court and struggle with rebounding, and a tenacious and aggressive rebounder like Booker will take advantage. Another positive is Bradley Beal looks like he’s coming back tonight and he’s a much worse rebounder than Martell Webster. Some of those lost rebounds will go to Booker. Lastly, this game probably won’t be a blowout on either side which means Booker will be getting a lot of minutes. I think he’s a great play at PF.

Nightly Gamble

Louis Williams $4600

Lou has been limited all season coming of an injury. Prior to two nights ago, Williams hadn’t played in back-to-back games all season. But it looks like they’re raising the limits on Lou’s minutes. Against the Knicks, he exploded for 27 points and it was a 2nd game of a back-to-back. Although it’s hard to measure it, I think the consistent play will have a big effect on Williams’ game and make him play better. This is on top of the fact the LAL plays at a fast pace and will substitute out entire units at a time. I expect Lou to get 25+ minutes and with his great game against a poor fantasy matchup in NY I can’t wait to see how he does in a fantastic matchup against LA. I suspect he’ll be heavily used but I think it’s worth the gamble.

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