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In any NBA season, players inevitably go down with injuries. That tends to bring value plays in their backups and starters who have a bigger role in the injured players absence. But it also changes the quality of the matchup that team poses. Therefore, it can be good to look at the last several games since a significant injury to see if a team has a new hole that is being exploited. Here’s some matchups you should be looking for that have emerged because of injuries.

Centers against New Orleans

New Orleans has basically no one to start at Center. Jason Smith is injured, as well as Ryan Anderson, causing NOP to start Anthony Davis at PF and Greg Stiesma at Center. Who starts at center will probably shift around, but New Orleans has just been destroyed by Centers since Jason Smith went down, giving up a league worst 55.42 FPPG to them in the past 15.

Centers against Orlando

Nikola Vucevic, a quality defender, has been out for a surprising amount of time with a Concussion. Since then, Orlando has went small, playing Aron Afflalo at SG and Glen Davis at Center. Davis is way too small to be a Center and its been showing, as Orlando has been in the bottom 3 in FPPG, giving up 53.67 FPPG to Centers in the past 15.

Power Forward against LA Lakers

The PF and SF position for the Lakers has been a rotating platter of awfulness. Most recently, Ryan Kelly has been starting at PF, and it’s pretty clear he is not big enough nor athletic enough to guard NBA post men. Tobias Harris most recently had a 28 point 20 rebound game against the Lakers, while Blake Griffin managed over 60 fantasy points in only 3 quarters.

Point Guards against Utah

Earlier in the year, starting PG Trey Burke was not playing because of injury and only joined the starting lineup at the end of November. It took time for Burke to see a lot of minutes but he now sees almost all the PG minutes on the team. With that said, Burke is one of the worst defenders on the team according to his 113 Defensive Rating, which isn’t a fluke considering Burke is under 6 feet tall. Utah is now 2nd to last in the league in FPPG given up to PGs with 44.31 in the past 15 games.

Points Guards against Chicago

Like Burke, DJ Augustin has had an increasing role at the PG position for the Bulls. As the starting PG with Kirk Hinrich now out, Augustin hasn’t yet given up a big fantasy game. But at under 6 feet tall and only 180 pounds, Augustin can’t concievably guard anyone very well, and it’s shown as Chicago is now worse than league average against the PG position in the last 15 games, a big drop off from a team that defended PGs so well earlier in the year. The Bulls aren’t as easy a target as the previous teams on the list, but they are worth looking at now when a guy like John Wall or Damian Lillard come to town.


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