Ground Balls and Fly Balls 7/26

Well, last night was a huge fail, none of my picks really panned out although given how terrible the rest of the MLB did it didn’t effect us too much. I still have faith in this signal, so I’m at it again today. And there are a lot of very strong plays to choose from.

Ground Ball Pitchers:

Zach Cosart (opp – Miami)

Target: Jarrod Saltalamacchia – last night didn’t go too well for Salty but tonight he’ll be batting lefty which is his stronger side against a much poorer pitcher in Cosart. He’s a little expensive, but the signal is strong here as Cosart is an extreme GB pitcher and Salty is a FB hitter.

Nick Tepesch (Opp – Athletics)

Target: Jed Lowrie, Yoenis Cespedes, Brandon Moss – What an utter failure of a game by Oakland last night as they managed only 1 run against a terrible terrible pitcher. Tonight, again, they’ll be facing a GB pitcher who is terrible which means I’m happy to roll out these 3 again. Lowrie still is very reasonably priced so I’ll be rolling him out at SS in most of my lineups.

Willy Peralta (Opp – Mets)

Target: Curtis Granderson – This one is a very strong signal a la my Mike Moustakas call the other night. Peralta is one of the most consistent GB pitchers in the last 3 years and Granderson is an extreme fly ball hitter. He’s actually pretty reasonably priced here so I wouldn’t hesitate to roll him out. Lucas Duda is another option, both are great GPP plays as home run threats tonight.

Jon Niese (Opp – Brewers)

Target: Aramis Ramirez – Ramirez is a play that I like anyway, and with this signal I’ll be all over him tonight. He’s reasonably priced at $2,800 on Fanduel and is a fly ball hitter, especially vs lefties.

Fly Ball Pitchers:

Josh Collimenter (opp – Phillies)

Target: Dominic Brown – He’s up to 6th in the order, extremely cheap, and a GB hitter facing a righty. I don’t love using him with so many strong OF plays tonight, but he’ll be on my radar.

Zach McAllister (Opp – Royals)

Target: Billy Butler – Butler is back at min salary, so he’s already tremendous value, and he’s a hard GB hitter facing a FB pitcher in McAllister. I think he’s a sneaky play tonight that will be very sparsely used.

Top 5 (in no particular order):
1) Billy Butler
2) Curtis Granderson
3) Dominic Brown
4) A Ram
5) Jed Lowrie

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