GPP Plays 1/24

Below are plays that are specifically for GPP (big field tournament play). These are high risk, high reward players that are not necessarily the best from a point per dollar perspective but have higher potential than almost anyone at their salary.

Markieff Morris – He’s relatively cheap, 5,000 on Fanduel and $5400 on DraftKings, and has a more favorable matchup with Washington than it appears. Washington loves to look for any excuse to have Marcin Gortat on the bench, and Phoenix has a great lineup for that to happen. With no bruising Center on their roster, the Wizards can safely play Nene at Center and Trevor Booker at PF. This creates a perfect matchup for the hybrid Morris, who can easily guard Booker, Nene, or Trevor Ariza throughout the game. Not that I need to convince you that Morris will get playing time, he’s been getting 30 minutes a game and averaging 35 FPG over the last 4. One last thing I like about Morris is he’s a slasher, which is the type of player the Wizards do poorly against. I like him in all your GPPs.

Roy Hibbert – Hibbert needs the perfect storm to light it up on a given night, but I think he actually has that perfect storm in his matchup with Sacramento tonight. Sac-town has lost their 2 star players to injury, Rudy Gay and Demarcus Cousins, which leaves them woefully thin inside. With a small lineup and Demarcus Cousins not there to fill up the middle, I anticipate that the Kings are going to struggle in 2 areas that Hibbert will benefit immensely: Rebounding and Blocked Attempts. While this could easily be a blowout, my bet is Hibbert gets 4+ blocks and a double-double before the 3rd quarter ends. I especially like him on FanDuel where he’s under $6k.

Anderson Varejao – I like Varejao tonight as both a heads up and GPP play but I wanted to include him here just because I like him so damn much. Milwaukee is one of the worst teams against big men and here’s why: Rebounding. They’re terrible. With Larry Sanders back, they’ve faired a little better, but he’s coming off the bench tonight because of an injury which means Varejao is free to clog the lane and pick up those boards. Varejao has been on a tear anyway, averaging 45 FPG in his last 5, and at only $6,900 on DraftKings there is absolutely no way you should be keeping him out of your lineup.

Jameer Nelson, Aron Afflalo, Victor Oladipo – I’m really not sure which one of these players to go with, they are all similar salaries and while they are all totally different players, I’m not sure which one benefits the most from the matchup tonight. Afflalo Correlates highly with D-Eff, and the Lakers are the 2nd worst team in the league in that category, he also had a 30/5/5 game against the Lakers last year. Nelson is going up against one of the worst teams against PGs in the NBA. But Oladipo is probably capable of the biggest game out of all of them. It’s genuinely tough, I think the highest risk/reward is probably oladipo with the safest play being Nelson.
Andre Iguodala – He’s one of my least favorite plays of the bunch but his salary and big game potential can not be ignored. He’s only $5400 on FanDuel and had a great game last time Minnesota played Golden State. While that was early in the season and it seems that now Iggy is a non-existant part of the offense, he does have a chance to go for 35+ fantasy points. At worst, he probably gets you 20 points which is a game you can afford at his salary.

Ryan Kelly – The new starting PF on the Lakers, Kelly has been doing relatively well, topping 20 fantasy points in 4 of his last 5 games. He has a dream matchup with the Magic which I think will cause a lot of people to use him in their heads-up matches, but I only like him in GPPs. I’m slightly worried that the bigger Jordan Hill and Chris Kaman could have good games of the bench rending Kelly to the bench. If he starts out strong, he’ll probably have a good game but I’m worried. At his salary, he’s a play you can go with in GPPs.

Good Luck!

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