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There are a ton of value plays tonight, DJ Augustin, Phil Pressley,  and Tyson Chandler just to name a few. But to win one of the big Wednesday tournaments ,you want to play risky picks that could completely go off. There’s a few reasonably priced players tonight who are boom or busts types who should be strong considerations as GPP plays:

Michael-Carter Williams

MCW is inexplicably cheap on both Fanduel and DraftKings, around $7500 on both sites. As we’ve stated in previous articles, it’s hard to predict when MCW will go off since he has little correlation to anything. In his previous matchup with New York, he had an ok game of 11/7/7/2, but only took 6 shots. He’ll probably take a lot more shots tonight, and while I don’t think he’s necessarily the best play point per dollar tonight, he is capable of a big 50+ point game tonight and therefore more than worthy of GPP consideration.

Rudy Gay

Gay, like MCW, is a boom or bust type player that can get you 15 fantasy points one night, and 50 the next. Against Houston, however, Gay has history on his side. He’s had 2 greats games against the Rockets this season, including a 45+ FP outburst. He’s actually pretty reasonably priced on DK and FD, $7,300 and $7,700 respectively, and could go off again tonight.

Blake Griffin

Griffin hasn’t been a boom or bust player lately, he’s been a boom player. With Chris Paul out he’s been the #1 option on the Clippers and has been absolutely thriving. Tonight the Clippers are facing the Bobcats, a team Griffin scored 31 points against on 14-20 shooting last time they played. It’s hard to fathom that he’s not capable of another big game here, especially with Kemba Walkers absence disjointing the Bobcats offense and leaving more opportunities for steals and blocks.

Josh Smith

Smith is probably my least favorite of the GPP plays because of his salary, I think $7,800 is too high. However, out of all the SFs with the exception of Kevin Durant, he’s the guy who could go really big. I love his matchup with Milwaukee, he hasn’t had great games (just solid) against them in the past but he’s been taking a lot more shots as of late and they’re a bad team that he can rack up blocks and steals against. I think he’s a nice try for a few GPPs, although on DraftKings I’d probably rather go with Gay who’s $500 cheaper.

Kevin Durant
I don’t need to explain how ridiculously good Durant has been recently. The problem is his salary, which has ballooned to $12,100 on FD and $11,300 on DK. However, with some many value plays at our disposal tonight he’s capable of being fit into a lineup without sacrificing much. An automatic 50+ FP night is always worth consideration.

Good luck tonight!

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