Draftkings Must Plays NBA Monday Dec 9th

Typical Monday with only 6 games on the slate tonight. We have a lot of teams with injuries and some intriguing aftermath of the Rudy Gay trade to price so there are going to be great opportunities to find good value.

John Wall $9600

I think with Draftkings pricing, which tends to often not adjust enough for injuries and young players increasing roles and production, it’s hard to choose a top salary player. In this case I make an exception. The Wizards are riddled with injuries tonight. Nene and Webster are out, and even with them playing coach Randy Wittman has chosen to go with a tight rotation with most minutes going to starters. With so many injuries to play makers like Hilario and Webster, the best shot creators on the team are going to have to take on a heavier load. We’ve already seen that with Wall. With Beal out weeks ago Wall has stepped up his game tremendously and had amazing fantasy production. Expect Wall to hold the ball for most of the game which means a lot of assists and a lot of points. Denver is an average fantasy matchup, and probably below average without Lawson tonight. Nonetheless all these injuries are too hard too ignore.

Trevor Booker $3000

A lot of people are going to go with Gortat ($6400) and Ariza ($6300). Frankly, all the Wizards starters are probably going to be great value, and in head to head you may be best off starting everyone. In a GPP however you probably are only going to want to start 3 or 4 maximum to not limit your ceiling too much. I like Booker the best out of everyone tonight as far as point per dollar value goes. His per 36 production is 10/10/2.5 with a steal and a block, and with all the injuries he’s probably going to play close to that much. I like Booker beyond those numbers though. He is a really confident guy who has been upset at not getting the minutes he feels he deserves. That’s the type of guy who is going to try to make something happen on offense and be aggressive on the glass when he gets a chance. He also gets the terrible defense of Kenneth Faried to go up against. I don’t think a 40 point game is out of the question here. No matter who else you like I think #1 prioritize Booker in your lineup.

Isaiah Thomas $5900

Isaiah Thomas could produce huge no that he's in the starting lineup.

Isaiah Thomas could produce huge now that he’s in the starting lineup.

You’re going to have to adjust your Kings pricing after the Rudy Gay trade sent away Greivas Vasquez, who was starting and mostly sharing minutes with Thomas. Thomas is going to get a huge minutes boost, which alone makes him worth a start. But also he draws a good matchup against Dallas who gives up a lot of points to point guards. He’s a really easy start, so unfortunately he’s very likely to get played in most lineups. Still, too good value to give up.

Kosta Koufos $4800

Koufos was inserted into the starting lineup after Marc Gasol went down with an injury and he’s really been amazing value ever since. This is just another example of Draftkings pricing lagging behind when injuries affect value. He draws an average fantasy matchup against Orlando, but for a guy who has went over 30 fantasy points in his past 6 games you really have to start Koufos. Helping more is Ed Davis, Koufos’s backup, is out tonight. Koufos should see a slight minutes increase which always helps.

Good luck with your lineups tonight!

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