DraftKings MLB: Tonight’s 3 Best Stacks

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With a $5,000 freeroll on DraftKings, and several great big tournaments (I’ll certainly be entering the $250k Gold Glove a few times), I’m going to make a GPP leaning article for tonight. Instead of top plays, I’m listing off my 3 favorite stacks for tonight.

For those who are new to baseball, “Stacking” is the strategy of choosing several players (usually 4-6) from the same team, in order to maximize the upside of your fantasy team when one team scores a ton of runs (think the Diamondbacks and their 14 run outburst last night). Because RBIs and Runs come together in a lineup, players on the same team are correlated and therefore great to use together on your fantasy team in tournaments.


Best Stacks

1) The Houston Astros

The Astros have one of the best run projections of the day for a home team ( says about 4.5 runs) and they have several fairly priced players. I think they will be underused since they haven’t been hitting well lately (they scored only 1 run against the Giants last night), and they have a lot more going for them aside from just a run projection.

Two Targets

Colby Rasmus (OF, $3,800) – Rasmus has a great price here. But what really has me excited is how well Rasmus shows up on our hitters signals. Rasmus is a strong pull hitter going up against a pull pitcher, and should hit a ton of line drives off as a flyball hitter going up against a groundball pitcher like Hudson. History confirms this signal, Rasmus is 6/14, with 1 2B, and 2 HRs off of Hudson in his career.

Luis Valbuena (2B/3B, $3,400) – Valbuena shows up well on the hitters signals like Rasmus, he’s also a pull and flyball hitter, but we don’t have the history here like Rasmus to back Valbuena up: he’s 0/5 with a 1BB in his career against Hudson. But I’m not worried about that, especially with such a small sample size.

I’m absolutely ecstatic about Valbuena’s price though. He’s likely on of the best values tonight without even taking hitter signals into consideration. With all this going for him, he’s an outrageous value.


2) The Baltimore Orioles

Blue Jays pitcher Aaron Sanchez is a solid prospect, but he should have trouble away from home at such a strong hitting park like Camden Yards. I love targeting young, wild pitchers like Sanchez for stacks, because they have such a huge blow up potential. The Orioles are projected highly by online sportsbooks.

Two Targets

Adam Jones (OF, $4,400) – Over half the field in some of the biggest tournaments on DraftKings used Jones last night going against lefty Mark Buerhle, and he totally disappointed. Going against a righty tonight and with that bad game fresh in everyone’s mind, I think Jones doesn’t get used at all. But his price is solid and if you look at his full career, he actually doesn’t hit lefties that much better than righties.

Chris Davis (1B/3B, $4,500) – In Davis’ career against Sanchez (Ok, it’s 2 games but bare with me here) he’s 4/4, with 2 HRs, and 2 BB. As a hitter that loves to pull the ball like Pearce, this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Davis is a high variance play here for sure, he’s just as likely to go 0/4 with 3 strike outs, but we’re perfectly fine with that for GPPs. His upside is off the charts.


The LA Angels

The Angels don’t standout as much as the Astros or Orioles for me tonight, but their overall team value is unmatched. With Matt Joyce ($3,100), Johnny Giavotella ($2,600), Albert Pujols ($4,100), Kole Calhoun ($4,100), and even Mike Trout ($5,100), fairly priced, it should be quite easy to get a full Angels stack and high-priced pitchers in your lineup.

Two Targets

Kole Calhoun (OF, $4,100) – One of the few lefties in the Angels lineup and batting leadoff, Calhoun is the safest bet here for the Angels. His price is very fair for a quality leadoff hitter.

Mike Trout (OF, $5,100) – Trout is actually priced incredibly well even though he’s one of the highest priced hitters tonight. He has a great matchup and as a patient, flyball hitter going against groundball pitcher Jordan Lyles. Trout should be in for a good night.


Value of the Day

Buster Posey (1B/C, $4,300) – Posey is in a hitters park in Houston, is up against awful lefty Brett Oberholtzer, and is way underpriced for someone of his skill. I love him as a fill player in a stack, and is a great GPP play with high HR potential.



Matt Harvey ($10,400) – He’s not a huge favorite, and he’s on the road, but as a strikeout matchup the Cubs are one of the best matchups in baseball. Harvey may not get the win, but he’ll certainly get 8+ strikeouts in this game. If the Mets give him so run support he could be in for a big one.

Francisco Liriano ($8,900) – He’s on the road like Harvey, but Liriano a small favorite against a weak hitting Phillies team. Liriano has nice strikeout potential and is guaranteed to go 6+ innings, and his price is very, very fair. I like Harvey better here, but I think these two make a great combo in any gpp lineup.

Any questions or comments? Tweet me @maxjsteinberg and I’ll be more than happy to answer! Good luck tonight.

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