Daily Fantasy NFL: Week 15 Picks – Part 2


Phillip Rivers

Cam Newton is my top play overall for Week 16, but with Danny and Max already listing him in their picks article, I’m going to go with Phillip Rivers. Rivers has had three bad performances in his last four weeks, but he’s faced the Chiefs twice in those matchups and the Jaguars. Rivers has had five games of at least 27 FPTS (three over 30), and he gets one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL with the Dolphins this weekend. With so many other good quarterback plays this weekend, there hasn’t been much talk about Rivers and he could very easily have the most FPTS at quarterback this weekend.




Brandon Bolden

A lot of people think there is great risk with Bolden, but I disagree with that. The Patriots are -14 at home against the Titans. The Pats aren’t back to 100%, but most of their offensive line has returned which is what really hurt them over November outside the skill guys being out. The Pats have one of the best offensive lines when it comes to run blocking, and Bolden got 16 touches last game even though LaGarrette Blount played most of the first half. Plus, Bolden is extremely cheap.



Antonio Brown

I know, it’s the Broncos defense, but there is a lot going for Brown and this pass-heavy Steelers offense. Pittsburgh has been a top-five pass-play percentage team since Roethlisberger returned from injury and Le’Veon Bell was injured. The Steelers have been even more pass heavy when they’ve gone against the best overall defenses that are particularly stellar against the run (see Roethlisberger’s 55 pass attempts at Seattle?). I think Ben will throw at least 50 times this game and with Brown’s ability to line up anywhere on the field and run every route in the book, Brown will go over 100 yards and find the end zone at least once.



Greg Olsen

At best, the Giants pass defense is mediocre. The Panthers are trying to keep their undefeated season alive as well as clinch homefield throughout the playoffs. There isn’t much to like about tight end this weekend, and Olsen is obviously the best target on this Panthers team who can get open in the end zone as well as anyone. I’m expecting a shootout here and for the Giants to cover, but I do think the Panthers barely hold on for the win with Olsen being a big reason for that.




New England is -14 at home, but more importantly, The Patriots are second in the NFL in sacks recorded while the Titans have allowed the second-most sacks on the season. The Patriots also have the third-best defense in yards per pass attempt, and the Titans will be throwing a lot as they should be trailing in this game.

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