Daily Fantasy Baseball: GPP Plays for the FanDuel Qualifiers

With FanDuel introducing their $4,000,000 World Fantasy Baseball Championship (WFFBC), they’ve added to their long list of Qualifier tournaments running each day. In tonight’s lobby we have a $200 Playboy Mansion Qualifier, a $25 New York Baseball Championship Qualifier, and a $200 WFFBC qualifier.

What’s unique about this qualifying tournaments is their prize structure; almost all of the money in the prize pool is at the top. In order to maximize our profitability for these tournaments, we need to construct our lineups to be as boom or bust as possible. One way to do this is to use exclusively HR hitters and base-stealers, to ensure that every player is capable of a big game.

But another way to ensure your lineup maximizes your chances of placing 1st is by fading highly used players. If a player is going to be 30%+ owned, and there will certainly be a few tonight, fading them can give you a huge edge on the field, since you’ll avoid situations where that highly used player has a big fat 0, something that happens more often that you think. Below are a list of players that I think are great options for a Qualifier, and the high-owned player they specifically will be fading.

Freddie Freeman (1B, $3,100)

What I love about Freeman tonight is he has nothing in particular going for him aside from his price, which is ridiculously good for a player of his caliber. Most players tonight will almost certainly elect to go with Paul Goldschmidt ($4,500) going against a lefty, especially with so much money to spend. Freeman will certainly be low-owned, he’s been flying under the radar in recent weeks. But he is always a threat for a big game, making him the perfect fade to Goldschmidt.

Chase Utley (2B, $2,600)

Utley is going from a great hitters park to Busch Stadium in St. Louis, a pitchers park, but as a hitter that doesn’t hit for much power it shouldn’t effect Utley too much. John Lackey is a good pitcher, but horrible at holding base-stealers with a -15 rSB in his career. Utley will certainly have opportunities to steal bases tonight which means potential for a big game. Most players will go with Robinson Cano ($3,800) at Texas. Cano is a fantastic option at 2nd base obviously, but even with the best situations hits are never a guarantee. While I certainly wouldn’t suggest fading Cano in cash, Utley is a great option for a top-heavy qualifier.

Giancarlo Stanton (OF, $4,800)

Stanton has nothing really going for him tonight, he’s facing a righty and his team doesn’t have a high run projection. But with the FanDuel salaries the way they are right now there is a lot of money to spend and it doesn’t hurt too much to pay up for Stanton. Stanton really is the best hitter in baseball, so regardless of match-up, it never hurts to have him in your lineup. With so many great, affordable players tonight, and no Ace pitchers on the mound, fitting in a low-owned Stanton tonight will be easy. My guess is most players will elect to go with Adam Jones ($4,000) or even Nelson Cruz ($5,000) instead of Stanton, but those two are significantly worse hitters and completely pointless plays for any of the qualifiers tonight.

Final Thought: Leave Money on the Table

Usually, I advise players to spend every penny when making a baseball lineup, GPP or otherwise. But the salaries on FanDuel are so ridiculous tonight that I think it makes sense to leave some salary on the table. You could have a full lineup with Jason Werth ($2,800) as your final outfielder with $900 on the table, enough to switch out Werth for Billy Hamilton ($3,700), but Werth is actually a better pick regardless of salary. You’re going to encounter this a lot tonight, so don’t worry about spending all of your money. In ultra top-heavy qualifiers like this, it pays to have a unique lineup.

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