Daily Fantasy Baseball 4/25: Under the Radar Hitters and Must Plays

FanDuel recently adjusted their salary algorithm, significantly lowering the prices of hitters across the board. Personally, I don’t like this change, but it does make it much easier to get the best hitters in our lineup. There are a few absolute must plays on FanDuel, and there are some fantastic under-the-radar plays as well. This is a great day to go a little wild in tournaments.


Cash Game Must Plays

Buster Posey (C, $4,000) – Posey went a disappointing 0-4 last night, but fading him today would be ridiculous. His price has lowered $400 since yesterday, and he gets the benefit of facing a high splits lefty tonight in Jorge De La Rosa. Posey has been absurd in his career vs lefties, hitting .330 with an OPS of .961 and a wOBA of .408, and this is with playing half his games in one of the most brutal pitcher parks in baseball. In hitter friendly Coors, his expected numbers should be incredible.

Justin Morneau (1B, $3,600) – Morneau’s price has also decreased significantly, and it’s great timing as he goes against weak right-hander Tim Hudson. Hudson has large splits, lefties have hit at a .038 wOBA higher than righties in his long career. And, like all Rockies and Giants tonight, Morneau has the benefit of playing at Coors, which absolutely should not be undervalued.

Neil Walker (2B, $2,800) – 2B is pretty weak tonight but Walker is far and above the best play at this position. Going from pitcher friendly PNC Park, Walker heads to the Diamondbacks HR and Double friendly Chase Field. Walker’s power plays perfectly into this park change and he has a fantastic spot in the lineup batting clean-up between Andrew McCutchen and Starling Marte.


GPP Plays

Troy Tulowitzki (SS, $4,700) – I don’t think I’d ever say this, especially playing at home priced under $5,000, but Troy Tulowitzki is going to be under-used tonight. With Matt Duffy batting 2nd against a lefty at min, I think most players will elect to go with him and pay up for the likes of Charlie Blackmon or Corey Dickerson in the OF, and Buster Posey at Catcher. This isn’t necessarily a mistake, but we can certainly take advantage of this in tournaments. Tulo is the type of player who can have 10+ fantasy point nights, use him tonight and you could reap huge rewards.

Carlos Gonzalez (OF, $3,100) – Gonzalez has really been struggling this year, but as I stated in a previous article, I trust his projection by Steamer and Zips and nothing suggests that he shouldn’t come back to at least close to normal form this season. With salaries low across the board, players will certainly spend up on Pagan, Blackmon, or Dickerson over Gonzalez tonight, leaving him likely at 10% usage or below. Gonzalez is both a power hitter and a base stealing threat, so he certainly is capable of a big night as well. I like him in a stack of the Rockies 3, 4, 5, and 6 hitters: Tulo, Morneau, Arenado, and Car Gon.



Adam Wainwright (P, $9,600) – This isn’t an ideal situation, Wainwright is playing on the road in a very home run heavy park, but it’s a short slate with not many options. There are a few positives though, without Carlos Gomez in the lineup, the Brewers are a much weaker hitting team. And with so many righties in their lineup, Wainwright’s should pick up a few more strike outs than normal. He’s also the biggest favorite of any of the pitchers tonight, despite playing on the road. It’s tempting to go Ian Kennedy or Brandon McCarthy here, but I don’t see an argument for either of those pitchers striking out more hitters than Wainwright or even going more innings.

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