College Football Daily Fantasy Week 9 Top Picks – Thursday Night

With six games set for Thursday night, I decided to make an exception this week and do a top picks article. This is just an exception for the amount of games. Next time you’ll see one of these will be on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

FanDuel prices first. DraftKings prices second.

QB – Trevone Boykin $11,000/$9,700 – Yeah, he’s really expensive, but it’s that good of a matchup. There are enough cheap options elsewhere to make this work. TCU is -14 at home and projected for 45 points. Baylor absolutely destroyed this secondary and there’s no reason why TCU won’t do the same.

Other option for GPPs? Reginald Bell is $6,000/$4,600. He is listed as questionable, so you need to check on his status before the game, Yes, Eastern Michigan is a big underdog, but Bell has tremendous athleticism and runs a lot. His floor is really low, so I can’t emphasize this enough that this is a GPP multiple lineup move only, but his upside is outstanding for this price.

RB – Demario Richard $6,700 – Oregon is allowing 4.6 yards per rush (82nd), and Arizona is State is projected for 35 points with a -2.5 line at home. Richard’s price has declined some, which is most likely due to the fact that he was injured early in the Colorado game and triggered something with the algorithm. Richard says he’s good to go for Thursday’s game, and Arizona State will be wanting to use all starters in full gear with a huge Pac-12 battle.

Other option for GPPs? Aaron Green is only $6,800/$6,400. He’s the No. 1 back on TCU, and I don’t believe that anything is wrong with him or that he will be demoted after the last game against Iowa State. The projection is amazing, and TCU will need him in full force against West Virginia. West Virginia allowed 6.8 yards per rush (T68).

WR – Corey Davis $6,000/$5,600 – Just way too cheap for this fantastic matchup with Eastern Michigan. Western is projected for 43 points with a -20.5 line.

Other option for GPPs? Obviously people will load up on Josh Doctson, and you should use him too (remember how bad West Virginia was at covering Corey Coleman?). However, I want to mention Ron Willoughby of Buffalo. I don’t think many people will even bother to look at this game against Miami Ohio since it’s off the radar and doesn’t have a great over/under. Plus, if they do, it’ll be for tight end Matt Weiser, which means people will try to avoid wide receivers on Buffalo. But Willoughby $5,000/$4,500 does have really good numbers in the ideal matchups he’s faced this year, and he has one against Miami Ohio as they are 97th in yards per pass attempt and 102nd in passing yards allowed.

Oh, and yes, Darren Carrington is inexplicably only $4,000 on DraftKings. Play him.

TE – Matt Weiser $4,000 – Simply the best tight end play. When it comes to tight ends, we just want the best player.

Other option for GPPs? Cody Tuttle ($3,200) has been putting up decent numbers consistently all year (for a college tight end), but he somehow doesn’t have a touchdown yet. He’s simply running bad, and a lot of people won’t use him since Weiser and Kody Kohl look better on paper. However, tight ends typically do better when they’re trailing, and that’s especially true with Tuttle as his two best performances came in the blowouts of LSU and Toledo.

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