College Football Daily Fantasy Week 6 Picks – Early Slate

FanDuel prices 1st. DraftKings prices 2nd.

(!) Injury/start watch.


Seth Russell $9,800/$9,300 – Baylor is projected for 61 points (I’m not kidding), but despite that the Bears will roll over Kansas, there is the issue that they are -44 at Kansas (a conference road game with this line is just insane). Russell will obviously do well, but how much will they end up throwing it? How long will Russell even play? Given the Baylor’s defense hasn’t been that great, we must at least include him as a GPP play and that he certainly has the biggest upside, but this is not my top pick.

Brandon Doughty $9,500 (DraftKings) – Western Kentucky is projected for 39 points at home with a line of -8.5 against Middle Tennessee. Doughty has been on fire this year, and he draws another favorable matchup.

Matt Johnson $9,300/$9,400 – Johnson has been torching defenses all year in the Falcon fast offense. Bowling Green is projected for 46 points as a 13-point favorite against UMass.

Baker Mayfield $8,900/$8,000 – Texas is falling apart and really struggles against mobile quarterbacks. Oklahoma is projected for 39 points against Texas with a -17 line, and i expect the Sooners to win by a lot more than that.

Patrick Mahomes $8,600/$8,400 – Mahomes hasn’t been quite as mobile recently given his injury, but he’s still managed six rushing touchdowns in his last four games! He looks to be close to 100% coming into this fantastic matchup by hosting Iowa State with Tech projected for 43 points at -11. Tech also has the second best offense in the nation this year at 7.9 yards per play.

Jerrard Randall (!) $7,800/$6,400 – Make sure Anu Solomon isn’t starting, but assuming it’s Randall taking the snaps, his dual threat ability makes him very appealing against a rebuilding Oregon State team (especially on DraftKings).

Seth Collins $7,100/$7,100 – Oregon State is an underdog, but Collins is one of the biggest running QBs in the nation and Arizona’s defense has been really bad this year (T95 with 6.0 yards per play, worst in Pac-12).

Blake Frohnapfel $6,900/$7,500 – While Bowling Green’s offense is amazing, their defense is still a work in progress. UMass has played some pretty good defenses and ball-control offenses this season, but they finally get an um-tempo team with a mediocre defense. UMass will also throw a lot to keep up with BGSU and they are projected for 33 points.

C.J. Beathard $6,200/$5,700 – Beathard did have a bad game last week, but playing at Wisconsin, in heavy winds and not having his top WR in Tevaun Smith was an awful situation. Beathard has his best matchup of the year (excluding North Texas) and Illinois’ defensive statistics are very skewed as they have played three cupcakes, got a horrendous downpour with Nebraska to reduce points and were obliterated by North Carolina. Beathard’s mobility and often calling his own number in the red zone makes him a great value play.

Ryan WIllis (!) $4,500/$4,200 – Kansas’ QB situation is loaded with injuries and Willis is the projected starter for this week against Baylor. Baylor’s defense isn’t all that strong and even if Baylor blows out Kansas, Willis could very easily play the whole game since he’s a freshman and will get experience. Plus, a starting quarterback at minimum salary is borderline great value regardless of the matchup.



Leonard Fournette $10,000/$9,900 – This game has been moved to Baton Rouge because of the flooding in South Carolina. As if we needed another reason to play this beast against a struggling South Carolina defense.

Ezekiel Elliott $9,400/$8,500 – It took a little bit, but hopefully you stuck with me on Zeke last week, cause he went off with those three explosive runs. Guess what? Maryland at home is an even better matchup.

Nick Chubb $8,500/$8,600 – Georgia might run it 100 times this game after last week. Tennessee’s defense has been suspect and Chubb is arguably the best running back in college football.

C.J. Prosise $8,500/$7,600 – Navy does control the ball a lot in the option offense, but Prosise has a fantastic matchup here as a 14.5-point favorite at home.

Nick Wilson $8,100/$6,400 – Huge steal here on DraftKings. Wilson has been running bad in the red zone, but this is a great situation being at home against Oregon State. He could get additional touches if Solomon is out again too.

Shock Linwood $8,100/$7,400 – A performance like last week is a very good possibility.

Wayne Gallman $6,600/$5,800 – Clemson is projected for 31 points as a seven-point favorite. Georgia Tech’s defense has been one of the primary reasons for their three-game skid.

DeAndre Washington $5,200 (DraftKings only) – This cheap against Iowa State? Really?

Rodney Smith $6,000/$4,400 – No. 1 back gets a great matchup with a Purdue team that’s still struggling on defense. If the Gophers can’t get their offense going here, they won’t for the rest of the season.

Markell Jones $5,900/$4,600 – Jones got 22 of Purdue’s 24 carries against Michigan State and racked up 157 yards with two touchdowns. Facing Minnesota isn’t the greatest matchup, but it looks like Jones will be the workhorse back, and Purdue is at home.

Jordan Canzeri $5,800/$6,200 – Even though LeShun Daniels is back, Canzeri is clearly the No. 1 guy and Daniels still isn’t 100 percent. Easy play here.

Mark Allen $4,500/$3,000 – Penn State has a lot of injuries at running back. Allen is listed as the No. 1 guy on the depth chart. Indiana might be without its starting quarterback and running back. This game is at Penn State. If Allen gets a big workload, this will be the greatest value of the day. However, will Allen get a huge workload? We don’t know, but being No. 1 on the depth chart is a good sign in this favorable matchup, and he’s minimum salary on both sites.



Corey Coleman $8,600/$7,900 – Huge upside, but he won’t continue to get three touchdowns each game. Obviously, he’s still in play with a fantastic matchup, but you have to hope that Baylor isn’t up by 35 at halftime.

Roger Lewis $8,200/$7,800 – Three out of the last four games Lewis has gone over 200 yards. Bowling Green draws a favorable matchup with UMass. Make it four out of five?

Sterling Shepard $7,400/$6,200 – A little on the expensive side on FanDuel but certainly a good play on both sites. A healthy Shepard is one of the best in the nation, and Texas’ defense is easily subpar.

Jakeem Grant $6,900/$6,500 – Eventually Grant’s price will come up. But Texas Tech has another great matchup as a 13-point favorite at home against Iowa State.

Tajae Sharp $6,800/$7,200 – UMass will be throwing a ton to keep with with Bowling Green’s high-powered offense. Sharpe has one of the best values and upsides of all WR options, especially on FanDuel.

Artavis Scott $6,400/$6,300 – With Mike Williams injured, Scott has been the go-to guy in the red zone and easily the No. 1 WR.

Jay Lee $6,200/$5,900 – Simply underpriced in an outstanding matchup against Kansas.

Allen Lazard $6,100/$5,400 – The No. 1 wide receiver for Iowa State goes against a very weak Texas Tech defense. State will have to throw a lot to keep up with Mahomes and the Tech offense.

Jordan Villamin $5,900/$4,100 – The No. 1 wide receiver goes against a weak Arizona defense. Very similar situation to Lazard.

Malcom Mitchell $5,800/$4,800 – With Isaiah Mckenzie doubtful, Mitchell gets a bump against a mediocre Tennessee secondary.

Matt VandeBerg $5,200/$4,200 – With Tevaun Smith out, Beathard will be looking for VandeBerg even more.

Marken Michael $5,000/$4,200 – Algorithm issue. He’s the No. 2 wide receiver in the UMass offense that will be throwing it a lot against Bowling Green.



TE is FanDuel only

Jake Butt $3,300 – Not a great matchup, however Rudock loves going to his primary tight end. plus, tight ends get involved a lot more in contests that are close, and Michigan has blown out all its opponents since the Utah game.

Rodney Mills $3,100 (!) – As long as Mills suits up, he’s got the perfect matchup to have a great game.

Mark Andrews $3,000 – Duh

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