Bold Predictions For FanDuel’s 1.2 Million DFBC

Tonight is FanDuel’s Daily Fantasy Basketball Championship, with a guaranteed 1.2 million dollar prize pool and $120,000 for first. To win any GPP, especially one as big as this one, you’re going to have to make some big plays that no one else is making. So for tonight, we’re rolling out a special article on bold plays for tonight. These are players that will probably have low ownership but could crush.

Nick Juskewycz @nickjuskewcyz on twitter:

Gorgui Dieng $6,100

You could look at Dieng’s salary and easily think that this isn’t a good play. The Timberwolves are on the road, eight-point dogs and Kevin Love is playing. At the same time, Miami is the worst rebounding team in the league, they typically struggle against big men (ranked 25th in FPTS allowed to centers) and Greg Oden is out. Nikola Pekovic is questionable, but all signs point to him not playing tonight. Furthermore, Dieng is averaging 12 points, 13.3 rebounds, 1.1 blocks and 1.1 steals in his seven starts. He contributes everywhere. Plus, should the Heat have a substantial lead in the fourth, who do you think Rick Adelman is going to play? The rookie Dieng? Or 31-year-old Ronny Turiaff? With Dante Cunningham currently in jail without bail, he isn’t playing and Love is the only active PF. You have to like Dieng for big minutes no matter what. Again, he’s a very efficient player averaging 1.09 FPTS per minute.

Danny Steinberg @DanielsingerS on twitter:

Shawn Marion $5,200

My guess is given the crazy good matchups for Lebron and KD that each of those guys is going to be over 50% owned. Both should have great games, but with that much salary going towards two guys, fading them may be a good idea, because the probability of them both having bad games is actually not that small. And if they do, you are certain to do well.

Enter Marion, who has a fantastic matchup with the Lakers. His salary has been on the way down despite showing 40+ fantasy point potential. The Lakers are also without Kaman and Gasol, which means Kelly will probably get the start at PF. With such a small lineup, we may see some Dirk at Center and Marion at PF, as we saw against OKC a few games ago when Durant played PF. That means a lot more minutes for Marion.

Max Steinberg @maxjsteinberg on twitter:

Jermaine O’Neal $4,300

O’neal will surely get under 3% ownership tonight coming off a 4 minute, -1 point game against the Spurs. However, I think that 4 minute game may actually be an indication of big minutes for O’neal tonight. The game was out of reach early and instead of going to the banged up O’neal I think coach Mark Jackson wanted to save him for a legit center in Demarcus Cousins tonight. Every game matters in the Western Conference playoff race where a few losses by GS could mean no playoffs at all so this theory makes a lot. O’neal is only $4,300 and has 30+ fantasy point potential if he gets 30+ minutes (and I think he will) against a Sacramento team that’s poor against big men. He could save you a lot of money for plays like Durant, Harden, Lebron, and Rondo tonight and could be an absolute steal.

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Max J Steinberg Max Steinberg is a professional poker player and a top Daily Fantasy player who uses his creativity and mathematical abilities he cultivated as a poker player to win money on both DraftKings and FanDuel. He already has several big tournament scores to his name including the Victiv Bowl and countless MLB Monster wins. Follow him on twitter @maxjsteinberg.

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