5/12 FanDuel and DraftKings Baseball: 6 Hitting Targets

There are some fantastic medium buy-in tournaments tonight on both Draftkings and FanDuel. FanDuel is running a rare $50 qualifier to the $4,000,000 WFBC, where you could win a trip to Vegas and a shot at becoming a Millionaire. And on DraftKings, there’s the $300,000 Slugfest. It’s one of DraftKings biggest tournaments, it’s only $33 to enter, and you could win $30,000 for 1st place. It’s a great day to win a lot with a little in Daily Fantasy Baseball!

Enter the $85,000 MLB Moonshot on DraftKings for only $3!


FanDuel Targets

Billy Hamilton (OF, $3,400) – In Mike Foltynewicz’s first start of the year going against the Reds, he allowed a total of 5 stolen bases. On top of this, Folty is a pretty poor pitcher overall and given the Reds high run projection (projected at over 4.5 runs), this should be a fantastic matchup for everyone in the Reds lineup, but especially Hamilton who will have a very easy time swiping bases and is priced way too low for his abilities. Hamilton is a great cash game play tonight.

Ian Kinsler (2B, $3,500) – I don’t love Kinsler’s price, but I do love how Kinsler shows up on our MLB Hitters Signals. He’s a pull hitter going up against a pull-favored pitcher, he’s also a fly ball hitter going against a ground ball pitcher, and he’s a low swing player going up against someone who has trouble keeping the ball in the zone. He has a strong hitter signal trifecta.

Kinsler’s numbers in his career against Gibson don’t pop out at you, he’s 6/15 with 1 HR, but I do particularly like this number: 1 strike out in 18 plate appearances. Kinsler certainly will not struggle in this matchup, and with no high priced options at pitcher his high price should not dissuade you.

Andrew McCutchen (OF, $3,800) – Park factors really come into play here for the Pirates. PNC park in Pittsburg is a horrible park for hitting home runs, with only a 85 rating for right handers, the worst in baseball. Citizen’s bank park has a 106 rating for right handers, a very home run friendly park. McCutchen is the best power hitter on the Pirates (and one of the top hitters in baseball), he’ll benefit a ton from this change, and his SB matchup is solid as well. With a lot of money to spare without any expensive pitchers to choose, McCutchen is certainly one of the best plays tonight.


DraftKings Targets

Dexter Fowler (OF, $3,900) – I feel like I can give a pretty good scouting report on rookie pitcher Noah Syndergaard because I actually watched him live in Las Vegas playing for the 51s (I actually threw out the 1st pitch in the game thanks to DraftKings!). Syndergaard is a highly regarded prospect and has a ridiculous fastball that touches 100 mph at times.

However, he is very wild and it’s almost a guarantee that he issues 4+ walks in this game. At 6’6″, he has a long delivery and is not good at holding baserunners, and he will not be helped by Kevin Plawecki’s mediocre at best arm at catcher. I can not emphasize enough how good of a matchup this is for Fowler, who is priced very well on DraftKings and is almost guaranteed to steal a base in this game.

Miguel Montero (C, $3,700) – Yesterday the wind was blowing out to right field at Wrigley and we saw several home runs as a result. The wind is not as strong today, and is more of a cross-wind, but it is blowing left to right. So while Montero isn’t a base stealing threat he certainly is a home run threat. His price is very, very good and should be a fantastic cash game play tonight as well as a great piece of a Cubs stack.

Joey Votto (1B, $4,500) – I mentioned how pitcher Mike Foltynewicz fared against the Reds last time around, allowing a total of 5 SBs in his start. What I didn’t mention was that big first baseman Joey Votto had 2 of those steals. On his hitting prowess alone, Votto is probably the best play a first base tonight, but with his stealing potential on top of it, he’s an absolute must-play.

Questions? Tweet me @maxjsteinberg. Good luck tonight!

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