3 Sneaky Millionaire Maker Plays at Quarterback

The Millionaire Maker is going to get a ton of entries for obvious reasons, but only one person can win the $1,000,000. How can you get an edge against the rest of the field?

There are plenty of great QB plays this week, such as Drew Brees and Matthew Stafford. However, for the Millionaire Maker, you want variety, and you want a few players that a lot of people won’t use. There are some QBs who are flying under the radar in Week 5 who have potential monster games ahead of them. By monster games, I mean 25 FPTS or more. That’s at least what you will need to win the Millionaire Maker.

These guys are ranked in terms of who I like most as sneaky plays. Let’s dive in.



1. Blake Bortles $5,200 – I will first note that I am a Steelers fan being as objective as possible and realize I have Bortles here. I will also put aside my personal belief that Bortles will be an outstanding QB. Let’s deal with this matchup specifically – Many expect the Steelers to blow out the Jaguars. Why? Well, they are the Jaguars and their best performance score wise was a loss by 17 points. Yet, they are only +6? The Steelers are missing their starting CB (Ike Taylor) and their last two No. 1 draft picks at LB (Ryan Shazier and Jarvis Jones). They ran into this situation against Tampa Bay and ended up losing. These defensive losses are much bigger than advertised. Bortles saw his first NFL action against the Colts in only the second half and put up 17.92 FPTS (that includes two INTs as well). At the Chargers as 13-point underdogs and only projected to score 16 points, Bortles put up 14.52 FPTS (this also included two INTs). Now think of it this way. If Pittsburgh does dominate this game, why would they take Bortles out? He’s a rookie, and experience is what he needs. If the game is close, who do you think is going to run the show, Bortles or handing the ball off to Toby Gerhart? The O/U is 47 and this has over written all over it. Bortles is a mobile QB who runs and can make just about every throw in the book. If Mike Glennon can throw for over 300 yards in Pittsburgh, think about what Bortles should do at home. Bortles legitimately has a chance to put up 25 FPTS in this game if he hits that bonus. That’s outstanding for $5,200.

2. Austin Davis $5,600 – A lot of people have forgotten about Austin Davis since the Rams were on bye in Week 4 and are 1-2. Davis put up 25.96 FPTS against the Cowboys in Week 3 and has improved each week. While the Cowboys do have a poor defense, the Eagles have given up the most passing TDs and third-most FPTS to WRs. Let’s also not forget the up-tempo scheme that Chip Kelly runs, which always gives opponents more opportunities for statistics. Davis has now been getting Kenny Britt into the mix along with Brian Quick and Jared Cook. With a shootout expected, Davis has a solid chance at another 25 FPTS.

3. Ryan Fitzpatrick $5,500 – I somewhat hesitantly list Fitzpatrick here, and I’m going to have some odd logic. However, I studied this more and this could really work out. Let me start with what I don’t like. Both Houston and Dallas run a lot, so this will be a short game. I have now watched all of Houston’s games from start to finish. I have yet to like Fitzpatrick in terms of his big-game ability and that I thought he’s somewhat inaccurate. However, he has a 65.2 completion percentage, which is about average. But examining the numbers and matchup, this could really work out. Fitzpatrick’s first four FPTS outings: 13.24, 13.56, 21.96, 14.12. Why one great game and three poor ones? The Texans were favored and won in the three bad fitzpatrick games. The Texans were underdogs and lost the other when he had a great outing (fantasy speaking). Furthermore, Fitzpatrick didn’t hit the 300-yard bonus, but he was only 11 yards short. The Cowboys have a weak pass defense (Austin Davis put up 25.96 against them) and the Texans are +6.

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