10 Ways to Get the Best Odds on Winning the 100k for Predicting the St. Louis Rams’ Schedule

No one came come close to winning Warren Buffet’s $1 billion-dollar challenge, but while the St. Louis Rams are only giving away $100,000, the odds on winning this prize are ridiculously better. It’s worth a few minutes of your time.

So what’s the contest? If you pick the Rams’ schedule perfectly, you win 100k. What’s perfectly? You have to pick which team the Rams play on each week, whether it’s home or away and what day it’s on.

Luckily, when you’re picking the contest, you can only select a possible matchup because the opponents and whether it’s a home/away game has already been announced.

miss out on 100k because he didn’t put his team to win the title, A LOT of people will put a game in more than once. Unfortunately, this means you should at least write down each game on a piece of paper and make sure you don’t duplicate a game.

Here I provide advice on how to make your picks and make sure you don’t make any mistakes. There are certain rules or other things the NFL goes by that the contest doesn’t tell you about.

Good luck and happy picking (tweet us at @DFantasyWinners with any questions!).

1. It’s always a divisional game in week 17, so only select the Cardinals, Seahawks or 49ers. In the last six years, the Rams have played at the Seahawks four times and hosted the 49ers twice. That’s mostly coincidence, but if the NFL is intentionally trying to stay away from a 49ers-Seahawks game in Week 17 recently, then picking one of those two teams in week 17 should be the route to go.

2. The Seahawks play on opening night since they won the Super Bowl. Since the Rams aren’t a great team or in a big market that the NFL will want to put on primetime, don’t pick Seattle for Week 1.

3. Odds are the Rams will play on one random Thursday night. Pick a night between Week 2 and Week 16 except for Week 13 (Thanksgiving).

4. Don’t pick the Cowboys on Week 13 since they always play at home, and the Rams host the Cowboys this season.

5. Bye weeks exist from Weeks 4-12. However, more teams are likely to have bye weeks between Weeks 7-10 (most last year were Week 8 and Week 9). Also, make sure you pick bye week as the day of the week when you do this. I almost didn’t.

6. Just stay away from the Rams playing on Saturday on Week 16. Odds are they won’t. Since it’s 100k or bust, always take the odds and don’t worry about what others do.

7. Same thing for Monday Night Football. The Rams have played a MNF game two of the last three years. However they have only played two since 2007. Both of those games the Rams played were horrific, despite the Rams-Seahawks game last year coming down to the wire. It was low scoring and sloppy. Basically, it should be less than a 50-percent chance that the Rams get a MNF game. But if you do decide to do it for whatever reason, don’t put them on MNF in Week 1 (always big market or West Coast teams) or Week 17 (there isn’t a MNF game on the final week).

8. This is stating the obvious if you know the NFL schedules, don’t choose the same opponent in back-to-back weeks. Team A never plays Team B two weeks in a row. However, it can be two out of three weeks, although unlikely.

9. Probably the most important point here: Don’t be afraid to pick back-to-back home or away games. Each team averages playing roughly four or five back-to-back home/away games each season. However, three home or road games in a row are extremely rare and you want to stay away from that.

10. Lastly, double check and make sure you clicked each game only once and what day of the week each game happens (again, including bye week!).

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